DI Consulting created several excellent logos for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and American Patriot Music Project. We love the creativity and clean powerful look of the designs. The consultation was easy, prices extremely fair, and support was exceptional! Darrik, you over delivered on everything promised and you were very approachable. DI Consulting executed above and beyond… which is becoming pretty rare these days. We will continue to use them for all of our future design needs.
~ Antonio Villegas, Jr.,
CEO – Phoenix Patriot Foundation
Executive Director – American Patriot Music Project
3rd Vice Officer – American Legion, Post 200 Lake Elsinore, CA
I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Isham. After a few conversations, it became apparent that he possessed considerable talent with respect to retail operations. He was able to help us streamline and optimize our web presence, which generated increased revenues. However, what truly set Mr. Isham apart was not the fact that his ideas were innovative, but rather that he was able to implement them himself with little or no drain on already strained resources. At the risk of sounding trite and arrogant, although I possess multiple master's degrees in business related fields, I have never seen this caliber of person before (or since).
It was because of the aforementioned qualities that I also asked for Mr. Isham's technical guidance with respect to a broad-based security consulting company, where I am both a Principal as well as the General Counsel. Again, I was impressed with Mr. Isham's work product: it was technically sound, robust, and innovative. Furthermore, Mr. Isham did not try and accumulate billable hours (a true rarity for consultants) and and went above and beyond all that was asked of him. To me personally, this spoke volumes about Mr. Isham's work ethic and general character: he was not satisfied until we (the client) were satisfied, and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure we were happy with the outcome.
In sum, Mr. Isham is a highly talented individual with an incredible work ethic and character. I cannot speak highly enough of him, and give him my unqualified recommendation without reservation or equivocation.
~ Rolf  Snyder, Marketing/Media Director, Principal/General Counsel
Darrik is a visionary leader who defined and set our company’s technological path on a great trajectory. When he analyzed our data reporting system, he took the initiative to improve it and introduced Microsoft Power BI to the company, significantly improving the company's process for data analysis. Darrik is dedicated, self-motivated, forward-thinking, and enthusiastic. He is wonderful to work with and is a hands-on manager who has exceptional expertise in various areas in information technology. What impresses me the most are his good intentions - to his team, as well as to the company. It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work and to learn from him. 
~ Shin Hsieh, Senior Software Engineer, TrendSource, Inc.
Darrik is clearly interested in helping companies and people grow. When Darrik hired me at TrendSource, he made it clear that our jobs would be to standardize and improve processes, deliver actionable insights to our clients, and to think outside of the box with regards to research and analytical methodologies. His clear skill and passion for project management principles, continuous process improvement, and product design made it easy to learn from him. Darrik always took the time, regardless of how busy he was, to provide direction. In addition to that, Darrik helped us all to continue our professional development by getting us access to learning resources and better tools. This motivated my coworkers and I to be better for ourselves, our clients, and the company.
~ Ashley Allen, Senior Consultant, Excelerate
Darrik is a passionate leader focused on driving positive change. He was instrumental in restructuring both our internal and external reporting systems. It brought the organization into the light of automation and better visualization. It was a pleasure working with him.
~ Evencia Leite, Vice President, Growth & Strategy, Kantar
Darrik and I worked closely together on defining Program/Project Management techniques for the PCB/ASY Groups. Darrik is the consummate professional with a well rounded understanding of business, processes, and procedures. His leadership, not only in his own group, but in others as well, has helped numerous areas, through increased communication, redefining the "norm", and always offering a sensible approach to problems.His professional approach was always welcome and his teaching/coaching abilities are extraordinary. I can highly recommend Darrik for any management position that he may pursue.
~ Randy Chase, Senior Manager, PCB Design & Assembly, pSemi
Darrik is a self motivating manager who drives continual improvements in a systematic fashion. One of many examples was when Darrik took initiative to work with cross-functional team individuals to reach consensus to improve our New Product Development procedure. The result is a more articulated and easy to follow procedure that was adopted to reduce risk of delay and improve on time delivery of new product to market. Darrik demonstrated a unique ability to manage ambiguities by defining, scoping projects, establishing and tracking metrics, while maintaining a professional and positive attitude. It is a winning experience to work with Darrik. His program management skill, NPI experience, quality mindset will be a great asset to any organization he participates in.
~ George Kong, Director of Quality, pSemi