Power BI Dynamic Report 📊 (EMBEDDED ANALYTICS) 📈

Embedded Analytics Dynamic Report Demo

This is an interactive business intelligence report that provides embedded analytics from my website. Another term for it is Microsoft Power BI embedded analytics. The video provides a business intelligence reporting demo of a fictitious dental company.

What is Embedded Analytics? It is: "The integration of data analytics or business intelligence (BI) software modules into another software application." These software modules are usually in the form of reports and dashboards and are embedded in what is called as an "iframe" code snippet (see below example):
<iframe width="1140" height="541.25"
frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. It requires no code development, which saves you development costs and insights can be delivered within minutes!

For Microsoft Power BI embedded report examples, I've highlighted these features that enable it to be an industry-standard business intelligence application:
  • Reports are created in Power BI Desktop and shared in the cloud
  • Reports can be embedded in SharePoint or any web page or application
  • Embedded Power BI can be configured in Azure
  • Internal reports inherit the permissions of the employee, external reports are able to make use of  Row Level Security (RLS)
  • Internal shared reports require a Power BI Pro license ($9.99/month) for each publisher and consumer
  • Embedded reports only require a single Power BI Pro license to embed on reporting sites.