Web Design: Accepting Payments for Online Orders

During this dire time of the COVID-19 pandemic where schools, organizations, and businesses are temporarily shutting down, some of the hardest hit are small businesses "mom and pop" restaurants. Until this week, their business model has primarily been to serve walk-in customers. Now they must resort to take-out orders.

Now, some have already been conducting this type of operation, but mainly over the phone. What happens when a slew of customers between a time range (say 4:00pm-6:00pm) call at the same time to place their order? Of course, they'll have to be placed on hold, thus inducing customer frustration and the possible loss of sales.

The best and most efficient system/process is to implement an online ordering system where payments can be taken from the internet via a company's website. This is often easier said than done, but it actually can be implemented within a day. I have assisted clients to either redesign/reconfigure their existing website or build a quick new website, complete with a shopping cart feature. We simply add/embed their menu items and options with pricing, as well as the wait time for preparation (this eases customer tension because they know there's a window of time for the food to be ready for pick-up).

This doesn't cost thousands of dollars; only a few hundred. Really, there's no software code to be written and the e-commerce/shopping cart/payment applications are very low-cost, even free!